Welcome the quiet tiger in hiding, Jenna Rachels. Jenna is supermodel hot with long legs, pouty lips, perfect tits and a wiener that likes the back of a man’s throat more than anything. Jenna takes Michael home from a New Years Eve party and the two paw each others clothes off, barely making it to the couch let alone the bedroom. Mike is rock hard from kissing and Jenna’s blow job has him near the brink of cumming. All part of her plan for when she releases her own hard meat, Mike is too turned on to even question it. He just opens his mouth and lets Jenna find the back of his throat with her pre-jizz. The sex is just as hot as the blow jobs as Jenna commands Mike around the room making him stuff her, getting his own butthole plowed and even lapping up Jenna’s boob milk before she unloads in his mouth. It’s a good start to 2012 and you can be sure this foxy new comer will be back.

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