Master of the House Mr. Phallus Acworth requests the pleasure of your company and participation at a House Supper to spark esprit du corps among the Colleagues of the House. Supper will be followed by an initiation of candidate Jessie Cox into the ranks of the House as Sophomore Slave. Friday, the twenty-seventh of August, two thousand and ten. Cocktails at seven o’clock, Supper at eight Upper Floor members may attend at The Upper Floor. Colleagues will dine in the newly constructed Upper Floor Grand Dining Room Slave Petition. Those in attendance will hear the candidate’s appeals to enter into a 60 day term of House service. They will interrogate her motivations, humility and submission in a ritual of self assessment that answers the question, “What is she good for?” Initiation. If the candidate passes this first test, the Household will then take their due Satisfaction from the candidate in a rite of passage. Producing a newly tempered House Slave of the Sophomore rank.

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