Stella can’t resist her Master. He doesn’t have to bring her to his dungeon anymore. She goes and waits to be used. This time he had a pleasant surprise for her, something she’s never tried before: the Sybian. If you thought he wore her cunt out before, this session pushed her even further.

Kimmy’s throat still hurts. She’s never deep-throated so much in her life. His joint was so big. She didn’t even touch it. He left her tied to his Sybian nailing machine for awhile, her wrists tied together behind her back, her tits bound by more tight rope. She didn’t know what the machine was until he turned it on. She couldn’t release herself. She tried so much, but the rope wouldn’t loosen. She had no choice but to enjoy the constant vibration on her pussy.

Becca Diamond, one hot and amazing woman with a rising career in the sex industry, is no stranger to Fetish Network. The last Master she served had a big black peter she enjoyed worshiping. We’re delighted to share Becca Diamond’s second round. It’s been decided it’s time for our Diamond to endure her first rope suspension. That’s right! We love Becca for rope bondage. The tight rope is tempting against her muscles. She’s been in the dungeon for awhile, tied to a crate, her legs kept open and mouth available for use.

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