The Tales of our Conquests continue as Stud Vicious and I, T-Fuck prowl the streets and beaches on the scent of local Latinas with cute faces, child-bearing hips, and round ass holes. Today was a good day. I woke up to birds chirping, clear skies, and a massive boner, which was a sign from the Gods to get out and find a Latina to get pokeed. So my trusty friend Butters and I began our hunt for the pussy on the beach. Since spring break was going down there was 3:1 girl to guy ratio on the beach and we found a nice Latina Coed from Michigan that was 1/2 Cuban and 1/2 Irish. We sweet talked to her into getting some oil, lunch, and coming back to beach later. On the ride home these 2 freaks were playing swallow the salami so I knew it was going to get more interesting. When we got to my place we oiled up that phat Cuban ass and she let us know that she liked it rough and Butters was more than happy to oblige. That derrier was hitting the hydraulic switches and it was a beautiful sight. I almost wanted her to stay after… almost but then I snapped out of it. Like all good things this came to an end and she got a happy ending on her pretty face!

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